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Welcome to The Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI)


Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI) is an independent, non-partisan; Pan African Public Policy Think Tank that also undertakes accelerated socio-economic development initiatives among rural and cross-border communities. It was registered in April 2004 as a non-governmental organization with the purpose of addressing the gap in policy research and evidence based advocacy required to influence policy and appropriate program interventions resulting in improved human well being. In resolving pressing problems affecting ordinary people, AFLI endeavors to bridge the disconnect between leaders in decision-making with their electorates and other stakeholders. This ensures that those who are mandated to provide services do so while the rights holders make use of those services to improve their quality of life. AFLI tracks MPs and Parliament’s performance and uses the information obtained to strengthen public scrutiny of leaders and governance institutions so as to enable citizens to hold their leaders to account. In order to do these civic engagements, AFLI partners with media professionals, civil society organizations and influential publics.

AFLI also engages at regional and wider levels to influence policies and strategic actions of governments, development partners and other stake- holders to promote excellence in leadership, governance, peace and security and socio-economic development.